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It's high summer, and the sun loungers and parasols are out. People relax, chat, eat and drink, paddle and swim. If a 50 metre walk to the nearest beach bar seems too much, a polite young man will soon be at your service with a tray of cool drinks and ices at low prices...  The boat seen here offers short cruises along the coast. You don't need to book, just climb aboard and pay your fare. The skipper provides a commentary in three languages from time to time.  (Photo taken in July 2007)

Balcony view

This photo taken from the balcony shows just how close the sand and sea are.


chaika north july06sized.jpg

North View

This is the view of Chaika Beach  looking towards the "Journalist" tower.   The mega-resort "Golden Sands" is about 3km further up the coast, a short bus or taxi ride - if you want to get lost in the crowds and pay tourist prices!



(photo taken July 2006 from the roof terrace)

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Central View

In front of the apartment building pictured. A few parasols and sun loungers remain on the beach after the end of the peak season, often into October, and they are then free to use. 

In high season (mid July to early September) you can rent a parasol with a lounger and small table for around 4€ for the day.

(Photo taken June 2007)

bg5 099.jpg

South Border

Stroll down to the southern end of the beach, just past where the jetty juts out and you may well see a little boat leaving or returning from a fishing trip. These local fishermen are highly skilled, but it is still heart-stopping to watch them standing up and  moving about in their tiny craft as it rocks and bobs around, while they put out or bring in the nets.

BG4-08 202web.jpg

General View

Chaika Beach in April 2008 showing the southern and central sections. The apartment building can be seen towards the right, almost on the sand.