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Along Chaika beach you will find nine permanent restaurants offering a comprehensive menu of delicious Bulgarian dishes with illustrated menus. The odd-looking construction shown in the photo on the left is the entrance to the Morski Drakon (Sea Dragon) restaurant at the top end of the beach. It has great views from two levels, and excellent food and service. We eat here regularly.

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From July to September several temporary constructions appear on the sand, serving drinks, ices and snacks, accompanied by recorded music aimed at the younger customer. This is one of them. You will be delighted with the friendly and efficient service, and it's good to know that English is understood almost everywhere (although if customers make an effort to speak some basic Bulgarian it is always welcome).

0607cocktails ws.jpg The beach bars change every season. An example of the variety on offer recently was this smart cocktail bar, which served alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails of all kinds at just over a pound a time. That included waitress service too!

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You will also be amazed how little it costs to eat out here: firstly because it's Bulgaria, and secondly because Chaika Beach is not a tourist area, so you pay the same prices as locals! We have had many delicious meals in nearby places (like Miro's pictured here - right next door). Six GB pounds (about 7 Euros) is usually sufficient for a 2-course meal with a drink, including the tip!  A coffee with a pancake or fruit salad costs less than 3 Euros.

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At the northern end of the beach, a short road leads to the area known by the Turkish word Kabakum. You will find here a variety of places to eat, offering local and international style dishes and drinks, as well as an ice-cream parlour and useful grocery shops for when you want to eat at the apartment.

bg5 062.jpg

This very unusual property is a smart, friendly coffee shop serving all sorts of snacks, delicacies, coffee and tea, soft drinks, beer, spirits...

The owner-manager is from Belgium (hence the architecture) and is one of the friendliest people we have ever met. Many of our guests have commented on how much they have enjoyed this unique little enterprise. There is a beautiful garden at the rear with tables and benches, and ducks roam around the grounds!

About 20 minutes walk is all it takes to get to the fabulous "Klas" restaurant at the Hotel Kabakum  For that special more formal evening out, we can thoroughly recommend this delightful venue (modestly billed as a Barbecue on their website).

The first thing you notice is the incredible decor and fittings - everything is to the highest quality and no expense has been spared to create a very special ambience.

By Bulgarian standards it is quite expensive, but for that unforgettable dining experience - treat yourself!

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Please note that not all the local restaurants, bars and shops we refer to in this website will be open out of season